In light of the Egyptian Anti-Corruption Academy’s (EACA), the Administrative Control Authority affiliate, continuous efforts to enhance capacities and upgrade public services, a training day for the Governorates' Secretaries-General was held. The training introduced mechanization and developments in the technology centers within all governorates in line with the rapid technological advancements and the urgency to improve services provided to citizens.


Held on Thursday, December 22nd at the EACA headquarters, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the training day aimed to inform the Secretaries-General of all governorates on the system of mechanizing and developing the technology centers in the provinces. The importance of these centers is not limited to facilitating public services within the offices of all governorates, neighborhoods, and community centers, it also helps in generating periodic reports that provide accurate data and information for decision-makers to follow up on the work of these offices.


The training day reiterates the Egyptian Anti-Corruption Academy's commitment to elevating the efficiency of the administrative bodies across all sectors in cooperation with citizens to provide better and faster public services. This comes at the core of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy’s objectives and Egypt's Vision 2030.