Minister/ Amr Adel Hosni

Minister Amr Adel Hosni, Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority

His Excellency assumed the chairmanship of the Administrative Control Authority through Presidential Decree No. 397 of 2022, effective August 30, 2022

His Excellency obtained a Bachelor’s of Law and Police Sciences. 

H.E. joined the Authority in 1995 and held   various executive and leadership positions in central, regional, and specialized units at the ACA, moving up the ranks to become the Chief of the Secret Service in 2015 and the ACA’s Deputy Chairman in 2019.

Minister Amr Adel took part in amending the Administrative Control Authority Act and crafting novel specializations tackling human trafficking, illegal immigration, and impersonation. This, in addition to developing and restructuring the ACA and establishing new oversight units, which ensure up-to-date measures to prevent and combat corruption; application of the principles of governance; shift to digital forensics; and enhanced international cooperation through the chairmanship of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, COSP9, (2021-2023), as well as the chairmanship of the Africa Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (2022-2025).

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