Major General Hassan AbdelShafi Ahmed, former ACA Chairman, hands the Authority’s Chairmanship over to Minister Amr Adel

President AbdelFattah El- Sisi Appoints Major General Hassan AbdelShafi Ahmed as Presidential Adviser 

During the handover ceremony for the Chairmanship of the Administrative Control Authority, Minister Amr Adel and Minister Hassan Abdel Shafi Ahmed, the former Chairman of the Authority, met in the presence of the Authority’s board member, as has been the case for the ACA’s handover ceremonies. In his speech, Major General Hassan AbdelShafi Ahmed expressed his gratitude for his term as the ACA’s Chairman and for the efforts and diligence exhibited by all members in performing their duties, while maintaining integrity and to safeguard the nation's resources and preserve public money.

His Excellency also expressed gratitude for the confidence the country’s leadership put in him when he was entrusted with the Chairmanship  of the Authority, commending its vital role in supporting Egypt’s institutions. Minister Hassan AbdelShafi Ahmed further said he is gratified by the opportunity to continue  serving his homeland in another position as a Presidential Adviser.

For his part, Minister Amr Adel, Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority, expressed his deepest gratitude for the trust he was given by the H.E. President AbdelFattah El-Sisi, and for his appointment as the ACA’s Chairman. The Minister took the chance to renew his commitment to exert his best efforts to support the administrative bodies;  preserve the nation's resources; and advance the ongoing development process.

Pictures with the Authority's leaders and members were taken towards the end of the ceremony.