Good management of all agencies and institutions in the country through policies, mechanisms and practices that are based on transparency, participation, accountability, the rule of law, combating corruption, pursuit of justice, non-discrimination among citizens, responding to their needs and realization of efficiency to reach the highest level of effectiveness and quality to the satisfaction of citizens.


The process of converting the sources of information or intellectual content available to a traditional physical storage medium in any form (papers, books, periodicals, instructions, photos, recordings, audio, maps and texts) into a digital format that can be understood by computer systems and electronic devices to serve as the basic information unit of the information system. 


The process of converting manual office work into electronic office work using technological applications and systems through computers where these applications are connected to each other in order to receive, store and record this information and data on those systems instead of records and books to reduce human intervention and achieve the desired objectives of their use.


Financial Inclusion 
The process of introducing or integrating financially marginalized groups or low-income people who were unable to engage in banking system transactions (banks, mail) by dealing with the banking system - to achieve financial control over those transactions - through a modern digital business system (mobile, internet) and complete all financial transactions in a simple and streamlined way in an expeditious manner and at the lowest cost.


Virtual Currency
The virtual currency is a currency available only electronically or digitally and not physically or concretely and is dealt with through computers and can be used to buy goods and services from websites only that allow the use of these currencies; they are obtained from the site that created them at the price specified by the site.


A human behavior that highlights qualities such as honesty, integrity, clarity, and accountability to spread the principle of accountability among all officials in the state administrative bodies. This is carried out by the government making available all information and data on all government institutions and bodies to citizens to enhance their confidence in them.


A behavioral phenomenon that expresses people avoidance of bad morals and suspicions to be honest and embrace good values by promoting a system of values that is built within society to preserve the property of the state and combat and eradicate corruption in all forms.